Empire Earth Cheats

Empire Earth Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Fraser Simpson

    Russian Campaign Level 1

    Support your base first and get your allies. Then get a bunch of tanks upgrade them and take out as many of the outer air defense turrets as you can. Then upgrade to the epoch age and build Titan bombers - upgrade air time hit points and speed. Finally take them to the enemy base and BLOW THE CAPITAL TO SMITHERINES! Note: Take one plane at a time. And if you didn't know the capitals in the back of their base, the top left hand side of the map. : )

  • PC | Submitted by Deano


    I find that a REALLY good way of defending is to build three airstrips with the basic fighter in each of them. You then place a rally point just outside your base, so that they patrol the area. When any hostiles come into the area the will get wasted by the air attack.
    If you have lots of resources, queue another 10 or so planes in each one, so that if one dies it will be replaced.

  • PC | Submitted by Marty

    Easy Win

    During normal game play, Build tons of Carriers and make airplanes on all of them. Then send the planes to the empire you want to destroy. The airplanes will destroy them very easily.

  • PC | Submitted by wolffang

    Enemy Airfields

    In the bottom left corner of the map you will find 2 French airfields. If you destroy these airfields you will not be harassed by the French from the air in the 3rd campaign under the Germans

  • PC | Submitted by wolffang

    How to Easily Destroy French Forts

    n the 3rd campaign under the Germans, it is called The Red Baron, you will have to destroy 3 forts. You will have a artillery spotter balloon. You will have enough long range artillery for one attack. The fort I have found that you can destroy with the artillery is in the bottom left corner of the map. Bring the balloon to the castle keep in the middle of the fort and the artillery will commence.

  • PC | Submitted by G HiL .. fx i/>r

    Easy Win in WWII-SPACE

    If you are playing a Standard high game on online play or single player send your city to build a settlement near wood gold and iron... just one settlement! Populate the settlement and send the rest of the citz to get wood. Click on the town center (your old settlement that u SHOULD populate) and build 4 citz... click on your capitol and build 4 citz... when u have 8 citz build a farm... keep repeating the citz building process until u have 4 farms build... you should have enough food bythat time that u can use just in time manufacturing on citz. Now since u have a lot of food u can just build up a lot of citz fast with just in time to go get your other resources( gold iron and stone ) fast. Quickly build 10 extra citz... have those citz build a wall of AA and towers around your island or base. then have them build 4 airports... triple click on one airport to highlight all 4 at the same time... then just start building up b-17's( modern its b-2's). Once u have AT THE LEAST!!!! 6 b-17's in each airport send them to the base and they move so fast that they can easily take out any AA... and then you can easily destroy the rest of the town!!! enjoy!

Empire Earth Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Olen and Devin

    Various Cheats

    During gameplay press ENTER then enter a cheat below for the desired effect

    creatine - Get 1000 iron
    you said wood - Get 1000 Wood
    rock&roll - Get 1000 rock
    atm - Get 1000 gold
    my name is methos - Get all resources and show map
    ahhhcool - Lose game
    sombody set up the bomb - Win game
    boston rent - All gold gone
    the big dig - all resources gone
    display cheat - shows cheats
    friendly skies - Planes refuel in mid air
    mine your own business - 0 rock
    girlyman - 0 iron
    slimfast - 0 food
    coffee train - Health for all player units
    brainstorm - Faster building
    headshot - all object gone
    uh, smoke? - All wood gone
    asus drivers - show map
    boston food sucks - Get 1000 Food
    all you base are belong to us - Get 10,000 everything (or all your base are belong to us)
    i have the power - Magic/power set to max
    columbus - Animals & fish appear
    the quotable patella - Units upgraded

  • PC | Submitted by john

    Pacific Campaign-Merril's Marauders

    After you capture the village, use all of your radio men and get all the marines you can from the paratrooper planes. attack the pillboxes and machine gunners with long-ranged units like snipers and trench mortars. attack the outpost on the right side of the map with only marines after you shell their buildings with mortars. use only one sniper to destroy the panzers and other stuff on the south trail to the airbase, but have your other men nearby. keep the sniper in a grove of trees and he will pick off all patrolling enemy units and he enemy won't shoot back.