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Emperor: Battle for Dune Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Mez

    Various Tips for Infantry

    If you need a sniper and you need to remain unseen use a Fremen warrior or 5. They are exactly the same as snipers but camouflaged. But when they stop to fire they appear, visible to the enemy.
    If you keep hearing 'The base is under attack' and you're sick of it, get a few snipers and a few kindjal infantry. Line the kindjal up at the area you're being attacked and line the snipers in front. Perfect! This tag-team is great for wiping out just about anything. And don't worry, you'll rarely lose units.
    All teams.
    If the stupid punk-ass enemy has put you in dire straits and your barracks is pumping' them out, arrange a waypoint line from your barracks to the meeting place for your troops. As soon as they spawn, they'll go wherever you say.

  • PC | Submitted by Kenjiro

    King Worm Tip

    As soon as the final mission begins move the "Duplicator" in front of the king worm
    and duplicate a few sonic tank. Then move the sonic tanks away from the duplicater. Otherwise they will be hit by the super-kanon. Then take position before attack the king worm. Don't let the tanks stick together (because of the super-kanon). And after a few attack you can move on to the next game.

  • PC | Submitted by Colin

    Nasty Combo

    OK, here's something you should try: on the Skirmish team selection screen, after selecting an enemy, make YOUR army the Harkonans, and in the third slot, choose the Guild, and make your color green. Your army will be mainly Harkonen, but you can also make things like the Guild's NAV tanks. This has been proven, I have seen it, it's painful for your enemy

  • PC | Submitted by Nicolai "SioxerNic"

    Great offense

    Build about 30 elite imperial sardukars and 10 kindjals... then when vehicles is near deploy the kindjals let the kindjal attack what they wasn't and use all the sardukars on one vehicle at time......
    It is surely effective in base attacks.... after cleaning a little move in minotaurs.