Earthsiege 2 Cheats

Earthsiege 2 Cheats

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    Warning-This makes your game prone to crash and could cause all instant action games to crash. Backup before proceeding.

    First, start the game with the following command line parameter(s):


    Then enter the following cheats during game play:

    [ALT]+[left] or [right]or [up] or [down] = WARP IN THIS DIRECTION: Left, Right, Forward, or Back.
    [ALT]+[CTRL]+[N] = Nuke one or any nearby Mechs.
    [ALT]+[L] or [] (NOT SURE WHICH) = Listen to Cockpit Announcements
    [ALT] + = Play warnings and announcements
    [ALT] + [CTRL] + S = show herc textures
    [ALT] + S = Toggle enemy AI
    [ALT] + [+ on Keypad] = Go 1 frame forward when AI disabled