Earth 2150 Cheats

Earth 2150 Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlimited Money

    Type Gimme money and money will be infinite..

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Various Cheats

    Before you can put in the cheats press ENTER and type in I_wanna_cheat . Now press SHIFT + 0 + ENTER (Use the 0 on the keypad). Now press ENTER then enter the cheat and press ENTER again to enable

    x-mas_pack Repair and Reload Ammo
    fireworks Get Mines
    i_love_this_game # Give # of CR
    i_hate_limits # Set Unit Limit to # CR
    einstein 1 Fast Explore On (0 for Off)
    help_me_please!!! 1 Fast Explore On - Player Only (0 for Off)
    the_hammer_of_thor Kill All Enemies at Range of 8
    massacre Kills All Objects at Range of 8
    see_you_next_life Destroy Selected Unit
    hasta_la_vista_enemigos Destroy All Visible Units and Objects
    bad_time_bad_place Damage All Near Units
    eagle_eye See All
    let_be_darkness Fog
    no_one_hides See All Units
    no_more_secrets Full Map
    armageddon Meteor Shower
    Dirt_cheap_research cheap research
    Time_is_relative fast research

Earth 2150 Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Ian Blayney

    Moon project artillery

    This is not a code as such but it is a way to get artillery for $3500 off! (and it works in multiplayer to this is for ED only! all you have to do is buy a radar and upgrade it to artillery in change weapon! the best part is its free to upgrade.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar


    The LUNAR CORPORATION has an excellent secret weapon. The experienced EARTH 2150-player probably knows about it and it is even partly mentioned in the manual, but it's very unclear how to get it and it's not visible in the game's research tree. The secret weapon is a CRION battle unit with PLASMA ARTILLERY. It shoots bursts of high-powered plasma energy and will destroy almost all units and small and medium fortresses with just one shot!! Buildings, large fortresses and heavy armored units take about two shots. It's plasma-bursts can't be stopped by shields. Producing a CRION battle unit costs only 2000 credits. The only drawback is it's vulnerable to air attacks, so it needs to be protected by units with rocket-launchers. I once beat the computer (so it doesn't mean that much) using only two CRION units and five basic MOON units with rocket-launchers. I hadn't researched a single chassis or rocketlauncher.
    Of course, it's logical the LC has this weapon, because the other races have nuclear missiles and bombs and plasma bombs, and every side has to be balanced.

    How to get your CRION battle unit ?

    You get the chassis automatically when you've researched the plasma artillery. This is what you need to research.

    electrocannon > heavy electro can. > heavy electro can. upgrade 1 > sonic can. > heavy sonic can. > heavy sonic can. upgrade 1

    Now you can research plasma artillery and crush your enemies!!