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EA Playground: Wii gameplay video

The 2 November will see the release of EA Playground for both Wii and DS, allowing gamers to enjoy their favourite playground activities even if it’s the school holidays.

Featuring a host of, no doubt,familiarplayground activitiesincluding Dodgeball, Tetherball and, our favourite, Paper racersPlayground looks like it has the potential to over-take Wii Sports as the party game of choice.

Playing with a group of friends will obviously be the best way to experience this creation, but if you do find yourself all alone, a single player mode is also on offer.

Although aimed at the younger generation of gamers, we can safely say a fair few adults will be drawn into this bright and colourful world of school-yard minigames. All we'd need is the addition of conkers and kiss-chase.

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