Dynasty Warriors 5 XL Cheats

Dynasty Warriors 5 XL Unlockables

  • PS2 | Submitted by Nathan Miller 3N

    How to unlock chaos dificulty

    Beat Lu Bu's Musou mode on any difficulty.

  • PS2 | Submitted by timothy


    (Cao Cao) complete any 4 Wei musou modes.
    (Cao Ren) complete Cao Pi musou mode.
    (Da Qiao) complete Sun Ce musou mode.
    (Diao Chan) Complete Lu Bu musou mode .
    (Dong Zhuo) complete Diao Chan musou mode.
    (Gan Ning) complete Ling Tong musou mode.
    (Guan Ping) complete Guan Yu musou mode.
    (Huang Gai) complete any 3 Wu musou modes.
    (Jiang Wei) complete any 2 Shu musou modes.
    (Liu Bei) complete any 4 Shu musou modes.
    (Lu Bu) Complete 1 Wei, 1 Shu, and 1 Wu musou modes.
    (Lu Meng) complete any 2 Wu musou modes.
    (Meng Huo) Complete Zhuge Liang and Lu Xun's musous.
    (Pang De) complete Ma Chao musou mode.
    (Pang Tong) complete any 3 Shu musou modes.
    (Sima Yi) complete any 1 Wei musou mode.
    (Sun Ce) complete Sun Quan musou mode.
    (Sun Jian) complete any 4 Wu musou modes.
    (Wei Yan) complete Huang Zhong musou mode.
    (Xiahou Yaun) complete Xiahou Dun's musou mode.
    (Xiao Qiao) complete Zhuo Yu musou mode.
    (Xu Huang) complete any 3 Wei musou modes.
    (Yuan Shao) Complete Cao Cao musou mode.
    (Yue Ying) complete Zhuge Liang musou mode.
    (Zhang He) complete any 2 Wei musou modes.
    (Zhang Jiao) Complete Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Jian's musous.
    (Zhu Rong) Complete Meng Huo's musou.
    (Zhuge Liang) complete any 1 Shu musou mode.
    (Zhuo Tai) complete any 1 Wu musou mode.
    (Zuo Ci) Unlock every other character.

Dynasty Warriors 5 XL Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by Zack

    Pang Tong's Fourth Weppon


    Play battle concreat of Nong Zong. Let Men Huo come to you until he starts to go up. Go after him and kill him then he will retreat. But he will reapear - kill him again... you might have to kill him three times.

Dynasty Warriors 5 XL Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by Quan

    Infinite Power ups

    title screen

    Triangle, triangle, square, circle, x, triangle, square