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Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires Cheats

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    Unlock Diao Chan

    To play as the final ruler you must beat the game one time on hard mode then start a new game and press this quickly at the character select screen: Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Right
    Get Chibi Battle
    Make sure to recruit Huang Gai and not Zhou Yu (If playing the Wu Kingdom)
    A good starting strategy
    When you start the main game mode I think it is easier if you make your own army and not a ready made one.
    Also make an alliance the first chance you get.
    What I did was I started in the bottom of the map and filled it up until I could only go north.
    Try to save some money to hire captive officers
    Easy Victory
    To win more easily, set your al's to easy. Next go to the the party mode and edit the rules under custom rules. Set the houses to the last number which maybe 88, then the same for the hotels. go down the list and set poorest to richest. also set jackpot to maximum, and set the what happens if you land on jack pot to collect. Keep going down till you see the land on go, select double, this will give you 200 more if you land on go. The rest is up to you but leave the immunities alone it may get complicated. Before you start add another human player to your same controller and use both of them to face the al's.
    Starting the game, dont go buying crazy you will loose money fast. select two properties that is your goal to own. Then spen money wisely dont trade with the al's no matter what. try to stay away from the board walk its not worth having unless you have back up. Try to buy the two set properties red and yellow. these are good real estate income properties. well for more info contact me at my email with further questions.... thank you for your time and good luck...
    This method is a great way to build your skill as you progress, set the al's to more difficult levels as you progress.