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Dynasty Tactics Cheats

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    Go back to title screen

    While in play press select+start(same time)
    Zhao Yun and Gogsunzan for Liu Bei
    When you have finished the battle with cao ren when you start a Liu Bei game and Lu Bu asks for an alliance, agree to it. After you have agreed, the game progresses. In the next "chapter" if you look to the north, Gogsunzan's forces are deafeated by Yuan Shao. If you send Liu Bei as an envoy to Gogsunzans capital, he and Zhao Yun will join Liu Bei. These two characters really do make a difference when fighting Lu Bu.
    Early unit types
    If you have an item that increases the EXP of a certain unit category (for example, Arbalest - Archery EXP +30), equip it on a person with the corresponding unit category. After doing so, choose a certain unit type with the higher EXP points. After you have selected one, you can unequip the item, and have the new class with your basic EXP.
    Long distance army swaps
    One of the obstacles in the game is having a strong force on one side of the map while needing that force on the other side. Since the distance per turn rules bar any army from getting across the map in one turn, this can lead to a second rate army having to fight a first rate army. If the two distant armies are connected by territory (linked to the capital), you can simply trade one army for another by using the following trick. Choose "Form" at one army and remove all the generals and strategist (swap the commander for a different one). Then, swap those free generals and the commander for the generals on the weaker army. Another benefit of this is that later in the game, when you want to expand, you can set up armies with only a commander (smaller armies allow for more armies), and send them out toward cities you want to take. If you think that you might have to fight a battle to take a city (if it is not empty), use the general swap trick for an instant army.