Dragon Warrior 3 Cheats

Dragon Warrior 3 Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by Darkstar172

    People to Pick

    After you get passed the part where the waterfall asks you a bunch of questions, and the king gave you a bunch of weapons and armor, go to the travern in the top left of town. You want to have a cleric, the cleric will start out with heal. It might be wise to get a mage also, you could get a Dealer to appraise items. Don't get a fighter they might be good if you don't have alot of money because they are better without a weapon.

  • GBA | Submitted by notab

    More G without battling

    If you need more G register some followers (other than original three) then make your original followers stay at the tavern so take the ones you just made take the cloth they wear and sell it then make more followers and repeat once you have enough G take the original followers and be on your way.

  • GBA | Submitted by necrophobe

    Beat Zoma, the demon lord

    suggested levels:45 and up
    Requirements: The light orb, ultimate weapons,
    a lot of Wizard Rings!!!!!

    Zoma can wipe out the effects of any support spell so just kick him with offensive magic. After using the light orb to weaken him, have the hero cast Thordrain whenever possible and have your sage ( if you don't have one, your already dead)cast HealUs,Blazemost, or use the sage rock every turn. If a party member falls revive him!!!!Zoma can cast blizzard and has a powerful non-magic ice attack that affects all members. These attacks cause about 100 HP of damage to everyone, so have someone heal every round. Hopefully you were victorious..................

    Now, you get the title of Loto! But your work is not done yet...Now, as an expert, travel to Zenith castle, and find the DIVINEGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Solve this one on your own..............