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    Submitted by Chris Young (aka DocTabasco)

Dr. Muto Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by Cheatmasta

    various cheats

    Enter one of the following cheats in bold
    Every Gadget=TINKERTOY
    Never Take Damage=CHEATERBOY
    Unlock Morphs=EUREKA
    Go Anywhere=BEAMMEUP
    Secret Morphs=LOGGLOGG
    See Movies=HOTTICKET
    Super Ending=BUZZOFF
    Invincibility=NECROSCI . Note will not protect you when falling from high places
    Get 28 Intoscopes & Genetor9000 Peice
    At Muto`s home, zap the sink.
    Get 10 Isotopes
    Go to Muto's home and fry the TV