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Double Fine to receive full publishing rights for Psychonauts

Double Fine is set toacquire full publishing rights for its trippy 2005 title Psychonauts, now that the studio's original partnership with Majesco has reached its expiration date. The potentially exciting news was revealed in atweetby senior programmer Anna Kipnis, who notified her followers that Double Fine will soon be in a position to receive all profits from the future sales of the cult-hit adventure game.

In a follow-up posting, Kipnis clarified her initial tweet wasn't intended as an official announcement from Double Fine. Instead, that came from studio boss Tim Shafer himself, who toldGamasutra: "It's true the publishing rights have reverted to Double Fine, but there are some more deals that need to be worked out and contracts that need signing before that actually means anything, financially. After that's all squared away, we will have some fun stuff to announce! (And no, it's not Psychonauts 2.)"

Really, Tim? Are yousure about that? Psychonauts 1.5 then? How about Psychonauts: Revelations? Heck, at this point we'd settle for an HD remake. However this new arrangement plays out, if Psychonautsfans truly want to see the return of Razputin Aquato, now would be the time to say sowith their wallets.

Jun 15, 2011

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