Doom 3 source code now a free download for wannabe John Carmacks

Can you believe it’s been so long since the release of Doom 3 that id Software has finally released the source code for free to the net? It seems like just yesterday we were switching between gun and a flashlight, shooting demonic monsters you’d see on the front of an angry teen’s trapper keeper. Now the formerly next gen engine is open to the rest of the world gratis, provided you have the skill to actually do something with it.

The modders of the world would’ve had access earlier if not for some weird legal hang ups. Apparently a portion of the code belonged to a third party instead id, and after looking for a fix, id mega-brain John Carmack eventually found a work around with coding magic. Thanks to him, the world can now make all the monster closets they desire. You can download the code here.

Source: PC Gamer

Henry Gilbert

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