Doom 3: Killer Xbox shots

With all the excitement surrounding the forthcoming Doom 3 expansion pack, , you may have overlooked the fact that Doom 3 will be making its console debut later this year when it's released for Xbox.

Recent reports have suggested that the game may hit shelves as soon as March, although publishers Activision have yet to confirm an on-sale date for the ultra-tense shooter.

What we do know, though, is that the Xbox iteration of Doom 3 will feature exclusive new content in the shape of an online cooperative mode and will also include the first two Dooms as bonus games, which can't be bad.

The latest shots of the game confirm that the enemies are looking as gruesome as ever - anything that's got claws and 10 eyes is generally best avoided, if you ask us.

Doom 3 will be released for Xbox later this year