Don't buy God of War II

Sony developer Eric Williams has used his blog site to beg gamers not to buy super-action sequel God of War II. At least, not until after April 1.

Williams reveals that during the game's development, in which he worked on Kratos' high-action combat design, he was coerced into betting against God of War II shifting 500,000 copies in the first three weeks of its US launch. And, if he loses, he "might have to blow his entire savings" on leasing a luxury Maserati saloon for a whole year, while acting as chauffeur for the rest of his team. "NOT COOL AT ALL," Williams quakes.

Above: Williams' bank account could drop faster than these griffons if you buy God of War II

Now Williams is worried because God of War II is shaping up to be just as gruesomely pleasing as Kratos' critically-acclaimed first adventure. "If you're a gamer and overall mean person, then run out and buy God of War II," he says "and have a laugh at my expense as I become bankrupt."

February 16, 2007