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Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

You know, sometimes it's hard to keep an open mind. Over the years we've seen enough 'me too' games to last a lifetime. Bandwagon jumpers clinging to the hope of generating a few sales off the back of one innovative title. Sometimes playing games doesn't seem the rewarding pastime it should be.

Which is why we applaud Nintendo for breathing new life into a peripheral that seemed doomed to gather dust once you'd gone off Donkey Konga. Regular readers will know that you use the bongos to control Donkey Kong in this side-scrolling platformer. It's not as unwieldy as it sounds.

Hit the left or right skins to make DK move in the respective direction. Slapping them both together makes him jump, while clapping (or tapping the side of the drums) makes the stinking ape lash out with a punch. You'll soon work out combos where moves link together in one spectacular blur of sprints, leaps and spins - and these bring you the most points as well. Boss encounters certainly give you a real workout. It's definitely the best way we've seen to keep fit with your Gamecube.

And it's a pleasing experience for your eyes as well. Beautifully rendered BIG enemies. A camera that zooms in and out to capture every last drop of detail. Lovely. Could be a sleeper hit, this...

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is out now in Japan and will be released for your UK Gamecube on 4 February