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Divine Divinity Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Raven

    Find The Secret Room!

    Somewhere in the first map there will be a garden with a river going down the middle with frogs in it. If you can kill most or all of the frogs a secret portal will appear to the north of the river. walk into the portal and you will find yourself in a room with a locked door and a pile of boxes. Move the boxes away and there will be a lever, pull the lever and the door will be open and inside the room there will be several chests full of gold (ranging between 1000 to 2000 gold) and a magic frog. Put the frog in your bag and whenever you want to travel fast such as when you are over encumbered select the frog and you will morph into a frog, this increases your speed and almost all the other creatures become your allies except for cats and scorpions.
    And You could also use the room as a secret stash to hide your things in.
    NOTE: When you morph you have a time limit of about 10-20 seconds or you could click the right mouse button to change back into a human

  • PC | Submitted by Raven

    Get out of the ghost house

    In the same dungeon that you find the Legendary sword there is a room protected by boxes. this room contains skill books by the hundreds (not really its just an expression)
    walking into the room warps you to a secret location an uninhabited house. in this house you cant use spells or certain skills and the doors don't open but warp you to another room (confusing) the only way out is to go to the room with lots of rubbish and meat near the opposite door and so on, in this room you must find a key in all the junk. this key opens the locked door taking you to the bedroom. sleep in the horizontal bed closes to the door and when you wake you will be back in the skill room but only one book remains so that was a real waste of time unless you stole some valuables from the house like i did hehehe (snigger laugh etc)

  • PC | Submitted by cgp

    Georges Key

    In aleroth George is the blacksmith person in the town he wants you to get him some herbs and hell show you an example lanilor has the herb in his garden. next to the armor display in his shop on a shelf is a gold looking key take it when George shows you the drudane and it goes to the chest next to the counter and there should be stuff in it take everything on the benches and the armor display.

  • PC | Submitted by jagl

    Secret Key in Dwarfs House(in the first Village)

    Go into the dwarfs house in the village and look under the two barrels in the first room you enter put it in your items and you can sometimes, either open the barrel or the cupboard NOTE these are in the first room

  • PC | Submitted by Raven

    Legendary Weapons

    At one stage in the Game you might find a parchment telling you about legendary weapons
    that your you may choose to seek out of your own free will. One of these weapons is a longsword another is a dagger and the third you must find for yourself 'coz i aint gonna tell ya. well anyway to get the longsword you must go to the Castle in the first map but i recommend doing this when you are pretty far in the game because this requires your warp pyramids to be stolen but you'll get them back some other time. When you walk into the outer doorway a guard will will talk to you about something. when you enter into the outer courtyard a red goblin thing will appear and take your warp pyramids even if they're not on you at the time. walk into the castle to the main hall and talk to the King and the Queen after that you can walk around and steal some stuff but don't let anybody see though. when you are ready go talk to the King in his bedroom. Once you have done all the Missions he gives you go talk to the guy in the room to the south of the Kings bedroom
    you can choose to do jobs for him to (such as washing the dishes) or you could just buy a skill book and then sell him some stuff but anyway after going back to the main hall the king is attacked by orcs and then you are expelled from the castle and soon after the queen will approach you and you will be put in jail. A Cat will help you out of Jail and get your things back. One or Two levels up from that there will be a hidden room that you seemingly cannot enter because of a wall this room is located near a health fountain. Go south a few meters and you will find a hung skeleton with a red star circle below him with a lit candle in the middle, put out the candle and the room will open go inside and retrieve the sword and not the jewels (which disappear anyway) this sword is one of the Legendary weapons that you must find. Once you have all three of these weapons you may choose to keep one of them (Its kinda worth it) The Dagger is found in a different map the town north of river town. the dagger can be found in a book in one of the buildings (Maybe an Inn?) this book is also a special little box (And the only one of its kind) and can be used to steal items without being caught (if you know how to use it hehehe)