Destruction Derby Arenas Cheats

Destruction Derby Arenas Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by Matthew Roberts

    Extra Track And Arena

    You must complete the game in championship mode and be first in points in all races

Destruction Derby Arenas Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by pogo


    These are the good people and the reason.
    Danni Brennan, Cadence, Lady Cassandra, Scratch, Bonus Car 2, Bonus Car 3, Victim and Lieutenant Johnson Junior.
    Good at everything:
    Jack "The Underdog" Lister, Red Widow,
    Bonus Car 5, Bonus Car 4, Bonus Car 1, Clarence Carver,Toffee, Canvas and Jeremiah.
    Speed, Handling and fun to be:
    Yin Yang and Jared Crane
    Don't be:
    Set, Jana Makucha, Sebastian Noire, Mariah, Dravid Fortune and Mako.
    Top 3(The best to be) :
    3rd is Lady Cassandra, 2nd is Jared Crane and
    1st is Clarence Carver.
    Quick Car Upgrades!
    This isn't a cheat, but a great tip! Here's what you do...Normally, after beating a round, your car gets upgraded. Beat the first round, and when it says your car's upgraded, save, and exit championship mode. Re-enter and beat the first round again. You should have the UPGRADED car to race with. (if you picked the same car) Repeat 2 more times and your car should be fully upgraded! You HAVE to come in first by the end of the round. (Don't worry, it's easy!)
    An Easy Way to Win
    When you play the game at any mode, try to become opposite the traffic and crash with all cars in the race even if you the last you will be the first one with the most points, you will collect more point than the leader of the race so you will be the first one on all races.
    *Tip: Before you crash with them use the turbo to have a good crash and more points.
    Rough Justice and Bonus Cars 1 - 3 Get 1st place on all of the arenas in Destruction Derby Mode.
    Unlocking Extra Tracks
    To Unlock the Marshall Law Destruction Bowl arena, get first place in all Destruction Bowl arenas.
    To Unlock the Dam Wrecking Racing track, get first place in all Wrecking Racing tracks.
    This is easiest if you beat the Championship Mode with a car first then use that to get first place in all the other races.