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    Submitted by John D. DeCuir

Descent Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    To make live a little easier when playing Interplay's mad blaster,enter the following codes while playing (Don't pause, though!)

    All Keys: s x o t x t t x t x t x

    Turbo: s t o s o x s x o t s x

    All Level Access: t s s t o o s s t o s s (exit the game after entering the code)

    Mega Zowie Wowie: t s o x t s x t s x o s

    Invincible: s t o s s t o o s t s x

    Lots '0' STUFF!: t x s s t o o s t s o x

    *t=triangle* *s=square*

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar


    In order to get the most out of these cheats, you'll probably want to reconfigure your keyboard settings so you don't set off any bombs when you're typing (that deadly b key) or move yourself into danger.
    Version 1.4 Registered only:
    PORGYS = Mega WowieZowie Weapons!
    ASTRAL = Ghosty mode! (can fly through doors)
    LUNACY = Robots move fast, fire seldom
    PLETCHxxx = Robot painting with texture xxx (001-999)
    BIOPSYTOYS or POBOYS = Blows the reactor immediately
    Code Description
    SCOURGE WowieZowie Weapons
    MITZI All Keys!
    RACERX Invulnerability On/Off!
    GUILE Cloak On/Off!
    TWILIGHT Shields Recharged!
    FARMER JOE Warp to Which Level?
    ASTRAL Spirit mode (only from v1.4)
    Code Description
    GABBAGABBAHEY Cheats enabled
    SCOURGE WowieZowie Weapons
    BIGRED SuperWowieZowie Weapons!
    MITZIAll keys
    RACERX Invulnerability on/off
    GUILE Cloak On/Off
    TWILIGHT Shields Recharged
    FARMERJOE Warp to any non-secret level.
    BUGGIN Turbo mode; everything (including enemies) speeds up.
    BRUIN Extra Life
    BIGRED SuperWowieZowie Weapons (includes ALL weapons)
    FLASH Shows the path to the exit.
    AHIMSA Keeps enemy ships from firing.
    POBOYS Destroys the reactor (version 1.4 only)
    PORGYS MegaWowieZowie Weapons! (version 1.4 only)
    LUNACY The robots speed up (version 1.4 only)