Defcon 5 Cheats

Defcon 5 Cheats

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    Speed Run

    Here's how to finish Defcon 5 in a record quick time:

    - From Hangar A got to ADMIN level 2

    - Take lift to ADMIN level 3 and get DESTRUCT pad.

    - Take lift to ADMIN level 6 and get SOFTWARE pad.

    - Take lift to CONTROL room and get DROID pad.

    Install DEFENCE software.

    - Modify defence parameters:

    MEF set all to 1 (Missile Enable Flag)

    GEF set all to 1 (Gun Enable Flag)

    ARF set all to 0 (Auto Reload Flag)

    TBF set all to 100 (Temp Before Failure)

    DBF set all to 100 (Damage Before Failure)

    RTM set all to 5 (Reload Type Missile)

    RTP set all to 5 (Reload Type Projectile)

    - Set all tower guns to file missile.projectile '6'

    - Use recon droids to search wreckage of enemy fighters shot down by tower guns. May take three or four attacks by the enemy until the correct pads are discovered. You need the following items to complete the game:

    Shuttle Pad (Access to escape shuttle)

    Fighter Pad x2 (Automatic fighter escort)

    Weapons Div pad (Evidence)- Once Weapons Div pad is found, sign into VOS - security level isupgraded allowing access to previously locked doors. The pad is neededto provide the Tyron Corporation with evidence of foul play, and isneeded to end the game.

    - Once the Shuttle pad, Fighter pad x2, Weapons Div pads have been found by the Recon Droids, go to the Control Room and start Self Destruct.-

    Get to Hanger A as soon as possible to get on the escape shuttle.There are three endings depending on whether you found all of the above pads.