Defcon 1 Cheats

Defcon 1 Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Level codes

    These are the codes for all the levels:

    Norad forces
    2-OXO OXX OXO []=square
    3-XXO XXX XOO ^=triangle
    4-O[]X OO^ OX[]
    5-^XO OXX []^O
    6-[]OO []OX XOX
    7-[]XX XO[] OX[]
    8-OOX [][]^ [][]O
    9-[][]O ^O^ X^^
    10-X^O XOO OX[]
    11-O[]^ X[]^ ^^[]
    12-^[]O X^O OX[]
    13-[][]^ []^[] ^X^
    14-XXO ^X^ []X[]
    15-O[]O X[]X ^OX

    W.O.P.R. forces
    3-[]^X ^XO []X^
    4-X^O XXO OO^
    5-OO[] []OX ^XX
    6-XOX ^^[] OX^
    7-^^X X[][] XXO
    8-[]OO ^XX []O^
    9-[]O^ ^XO XXO
    10-XO[] ^OX []X^
    11-[]OX ^[]^ []OO
    12-XO^ X[]O X[]O
    13-XO[] []XX OXO
    14-O^O O^[] X^[]
    15-^[]^ OX[] OO[]