Dead or Alive set for Xbox 2 in May?

You know, we know and they know that we know and you know, but no one will say. What are we talking about? Why obviously it's the appearance of the next-generation of consoles at E3 and in the .

But despite all the , hardly anyone will actually say anything about when we'll see these futuristic machines and their games.

However, while all the other developers are dithering, shilly-shallying and keeping their cards as far from the table as possible, Tecmo have stepped forward, boldly put their head above the parapet and tossed their hat into the ring. All in one graceful motion.

For yesterday, the president of Tecmo, Junji Nakamura, confirmed that his company will definitely have next-generation games on display at May's E3 show.

And while he wouldn't discuss which titles we can expect to see, he did admit that Tecmo's own in-house studio would be behind it; a studio famous for Dead or Alive, Rygar, Fatal Frame and very little else.

Which, combined with Tecmo's long relationship with Microsoft, and Nakamura's past criticism of Sony over the level of PS3 secrecy, it all points to Bill's next box being the favoured device.

But whatever happens, we will have more on these mysterious Tecmo titles as soon as it breaks.