Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX: Maximum Remix Cheats

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX: Maximum Remix Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by Dave Mirra

    Easy 1260 spin

    Go to the abandoned missile silo. when you first start go straight off of the half-pipe. As soon as you drop off go right. If yuo keep going right there should be a big ditch. If there is a fence you will need to flip some switches to open then. When you get into th ditch you go up hill. Go up and follow the path. at the top there is a turn go on the outside corner. Then go down hill. there is a ramp. If you release X at just the right and hold R1, R2, L1,or L2 and if you get enough air you should be able to do a 1260. Q

  • PS1 | Submitted by Clay

    No-Handed Tabletop

    On the level where you have to do a no-handed tabletop off Dave Mirra's trailer and over the fence, press up + square (up square), then press and hold the left and down buttons and circle and HOLD it. that will give you a no-handed tabletop and finish the task

  • PS1 | Submitted by Soheb

    Hardcore Challenges Tips

    When you complete a set of hardcore challenges on a level, the game will reveal one of the following tips.

    Greenville - Vail Trails: Hold X at the base of the jump and release at the lip for big air.
    Greenville - Greenville Park: Hold the trick button longer for more points.
    Greenville - Backyard Pools: Hold the modifier longer for bigger points.
    Woodward - Woodward Trails: Try double-tapping directions to get lots of trick variations.
    Woodward - Lot 8: Alley-oop air tricks are worth more points than rotating forward.
    Woodward - Titanic: Use nose-wheelies and manuals to keep a trick set alive.

  • PS1 | Submitted by Flamin_Trousers

    Special options

    ok this is similar to achieving all the special characters, all u have to do is complete the game with Dave and Ryan ro get a selection of special options, like sticky crash, silly grunts, excorsist mode etc etc

  • PS1 | Submitted by Soheb

    Special moves:

    Ryan Nyquist: Press Right(2), Up, Right, Down(3), Right
    Dave Mirra: Press Right, Up, Right, Right, Down(3)
    Troy McMurray: Press Down(2), Left(2), Right(2), Down
    Joey Garcia: Press Left, Down, Right
    Chad Kagy: Press Up, Right, Down(2), Up, Right, Left
    Kenen Harkin: Press Right, Left, Up, Right, Left, Down
    Tim Mirra: Press Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up
    Slim Jim: Press Right, Up, Left(2), Down, Right

  • PS1 | Submitted by Soheb

    Grind more than 180feet in Vail Trails:

    To Grind more than 180feet u need a very powerful bike like the secret bike.it is very easy to grind 180feet with the secret bike.

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Amish Boy

    Use Dave Mirra to finish the game and get all gold medals

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Lunch Lady

    Use Leigh Ramsdell to finish the game and get all gold medals

  • PS1 | Submitted by Flamin_Trousers

    Oddities of the BMX world

    This is for the three special characters of the game, Slimjim, Armish Boy, and LuchLady Marge: all you have to do is complete all the levels to the max with Dave and Ryan!