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    Submitted by Dr Karsten A. Loepelmann

Dark Forces Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    Enter during play : L, O, X, R, O, X, Down,O X.

    Level Select:E

    nter P3NDLDQNY2 as password to access all previous levels.

    Mission Password Mission Password

    2 09VCJGG7WM

    9 BR2WYK2CQJ

    3 18WBDP7RMN

    10 00GBNLJ4G0

    4 885BVHMCQ8

    11 T2GDTJG5JT

    5 !32ZNJQHT3

    12 H2DCTKH40S

    6 GV8KF!G6KL

    13 PPYRQP58LD

    7 3X8MJ47R3X

    14 RT2W121V7J

    8 LMZRK4!R3D

    Cheat Menu:Press Left, Circle, X, Right, Circle, X, Down, Circle, X during the gameto activate a cheat menu with the following options:

    Invincible - no damage.

    Coords - displays current position.

    Palmode - switches NTSC to PAL, will freeze NTSC machines.

    Supermap - displays full map of current level.

    Maxout - all weapons and ammunition.

    Pogo - higher jump to reach previously inaccessible.P

    onder - turn off Al.

    Gamewon - jump to next level.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Cheat Codes

    Just type the following codes during any mission...
    Code Description
    lamaxout All weapons, keys, etc
    labug Bug Mode: This cheat lets you squeeze through narrow passages and greatly reduces your size when crouching (very helpful in the garbage crusher).
    lacds Reveal Map: Use this cheat to get a full map of your current level and locations of all enemies, objects and doors.
    ladata Reveal Navigation Counter: Useful in marking the exact coordinate of items and important corridors.
    laimlame Invincibility Toggle: God Mode lamaxoutFull ammo, shields, and weapons; plus complete inventoy of items all maxed out.
    lantfh This cheat allows you to teleport to the current map position one level above or below your current location.
    lapogo Disable height checking; allows you to reach those high precipices and ledges without any cumbersome climbing gear.
    lapostal Get all weapons and ammo.
    larandy The cheat produces the same effect as the weapon super charge power-up, giving you an increase in rate of fire from all weapons for 50 seconds.
    laredlite Freezes enemies in their tracks. All enemies take damage in this mode, but you'll need to toggle it off before it takes effect.
    laskip Typing this cheat successfully completes the current level.
    launlock Get all keys, code cards, the broken Dark Trooper gun, data tape, ice cleats and Phrink metal.
    Level Codes For those of you stuck in the early levels of the game, the following cheats will transport you to any level you want. Just type in the cheat during the game, and you're on your way.
    Code Level
    lasecbase Level 1: Secret Base (The Death Star Plans)
    latalay Level 2: Talay: Tac Base
    lasewers Level 3: Anoat City (The Subterranean Hideout)
    latestbase Level 4: Imperial Weapons Research Facility
    lagromas Level 5: Gromas Mines
    ladtention Level 6: Imperial Detention Center
    laramshed Level 7: Ramsees Hed Docking Port
    larobotics Level 8: Robotics Construction Facility
    lanarshada Level 9: Nar Shaddaa
    lajabship Level 10: Jabba's Ship
    laimpcity Level 11: Imperial City
    lafuelstat Level 12: Fuel Station
    laexecutor Level 13: The Executor
    laarc Level 14: The Arc Hammer