Dark Fall Cheats

Dark Fall Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Libby Powell

    The Journal

    Once you're inside the of the hotel, go to room ? (no name) on the third floor, right away. It is across from room A3. (3 for 3rd floor.) Once inside, walk over to the night-stand. Open up the cabinet doors at the bottom and inside you will find a small chest with pictures of King Henry the 8th, King Henry the 5th,and Queen Elizabeth the 1st. Underneath them you will find buttons starting with one on each. Click Henry the 8th 7 times so it will get to 8. Click Henry the 5th 4 times so it will get to 5. You don't have to touch Elizabeth the 1st's because it's already where it needs to be.

  • PC | Submitted by Joanne Huhn

    Picture Box

    The box with the three pictures on it coincides with the portraits on the walls. If you go up to the pictures, you will see the name (and number) of the person in the portrait. Click to each number on the box and it will open!