Crusin Exotica Cheats

Crusin Exotica Cheats

  • N64 | Submitted by jake

    Mondo Roll

    Go to any level with some jumps in it and when you come up to the jump press the following: Let go of the gas button then quickly press Right ,then press the gas button quickly that's it a mondo roll!!!!

  • N64 | Submitted by Benny Evans

    Get Secret Cars

    Beat the challenge Crusin Exotica and come in 1st. After several levels you start getting secret cars

  • N64 | Submitted by trevor m.

    Burn out

    When you start a race it says "ready", "set", "go" hold the gas (A button) until it gets to "set" and start to pump the gas a little bit and hold it again. it takes some work to get it right but when you do it will same alot of time. this works best in "drag race"