Cricket 2002 Cheats

Cricket 2002 Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by luke

    Get Super Batsman

    Go to the main menu and pick 'Inside EA Sports' On that screen press R2, Circle, L2, R1, Select
    Quick wickets
    Choose Australia then get a fast bowler and spin bowler of any kind to bowl end to end put the ball on the toes and bowl your slower ball default circle they should edge and only get as high as 70 runs

  • PC | Submitted by Abhishek Parija

    Various Cheats

    In the main menu go to the tab INSIDE EA SPORTS. After clicking on that link proceed to CREDITS. Do not click just keep the cursor above the CREDIT Tab (keep CREDIT highlighted).
    bigbat - receive a big bat
    sbatsman - unlock super batsman
    bouncyball- make the ball bounce like heaven
    sharjahtmnt - unlock sharjah tournament
    butter - fielders will drop catches
    ulockate - unlock All time England team
    hbstudios - unlock HB studios
    unlockall - unlock all the above codes
    ulockastar :Unlocks the All-star team
    ulocknzlsaf :Unlocks All Time New Zealand and South Africa teams
    fatfielders :Turns all the fielders into portly umpires