Creatures 3 Cheats

Creatures 3 Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Jess

    Get Rid Of Grendals

    Cheat: When you have hatched your norns go into the jungle area of the ship and next to the piranha pool there should be a grendal egg pick it up and put it in the piranha pool. Once you have done this wait a while and another egg will appear put that egg in the piranha pool then no grendels will hatch because they're in the piranha pool and there are only two grendals a time allowed on the ship!

  • PC | Submitted by Marvin Rodriguez


    If you have a norn egg or norn that is already born to get the replication power pick ups. Then recycle Some things to get bioenergy. Then you could create things. Make sure it is the slug gun. Get about 5 of them. Then there will be a sludge gun where the norns live. Then put then in the Learning place or near the portal. Make sure you connect them together. Press the icon that looks like a capital a. Press a button that will show you where the creatures are at. Click on the grendel. When a grendel comes just shoot it with the sludge gun to make it die.

  • PC | Submitted by Ross ZZX753

    Defend Your Norns From Those Gremlins

    When you have found out that grems (gremlins)
    are hitting your norns get one of your norns to get control of the grems and weird thingies now when one of your norns is getting hit slap what is hitting it till it stops. You can also get the tracer and set it on grems and connect it with the slug-gun and put it near you norns and if there is trouble not to worry the slug-gun will take care of it. Now to my favorite part KILLING! now get the lift norns, grems and weird thingy upgrade and you can lift those loony waste of space now if one gets past the slug-gun and you cant slap him because of something lift him and drop him in one of the following paranas, air lock, water or my favorite the piranhas. I know I said that twice you can also lift an animal slap creature and make him slap him till his death day. And remember to register at the cemetery for the ones that died before you found me Ross ZZX753

  • PC | Submitted by Rob


    Tip: Give your Norn something to interact with, such as a ball, as soon as you can. These guys learn on their own, but the more you nudge them, the better they become. Also, dump them in the Learning Room when they're little and set the Learning Machine on Auto Teacher.
    Tip: Be careful when rewarding your Norn. Instead of tickling them, you might slap them by mistake. Wait until they sit still. Also, hitting your Norn more than a few times terrifies it, and if it can speak, it will tell you so. Repeated abuse causes it to die.
    Tip: To defend Norns from Grendels, try this setup: Take a Sludgegun and connect it to a Creature Detector. Then connect the Detector to a radio set to ten or more (this increases the rate of fire). Program the Creature Detector to look for Grendels, and place the contraption near the entrance portal. Now, whenever a Grendel approaches, the gun locks onto it and blasts it with gobs of sludge.