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Crackdown 2: Hunt for orbs in real-life, win an exclusive Xbox 360

Would you like to win an Xbox 360? Of course you do. What a moronic question. Even if you already have one, you could use your second free 360 as an impromptu foot rest or use it to beat people you don't like with. And all you have to do is read this month's Official Xbox Magazine (that'd be the UK one) and enter their ace Crackdown 2 orb-hunting competition.

Inside the current issue eagle-eyedreaders will find 10 of Crackdown's coloured orbs. Find them all and enter their corresponding codes onOXM's blogand that 360 could be yours. Just note that you'll have to register with OXM's site to enter the competition.

Happy orb-hunting

Oh, and if you'd like to win a copy of Crackdown 2, which we recently gave some sexySuper Reviewtreatment, just head tothis launch countdown site.

July 8, 2010