Countdown to Quantum of Solace - and win the game

But it's noordinary calendar. Not only does it have a groovy countdown clock, but it's also interactive. And, sure enough, it's got some surprises in store for anyone paying a daily visit. Christmas really does comemore than once a year.

There are exclusive behind the scenes video clips featuring action from the game, film and its cast, new screenshots and even your chance to win a copy of the game. Can't say fairer than that.

Days six and five are now available to openand their doors of delights reveal a featurette on how the cast of the film are scanned into a computer and put into the game. Yes, so you can see every curve of the new Bond girls in full 3D. It's incredibly detailed...

And then you can watch as Art Director Chris Soare tackles Dame Judi Dench to recreate a 3D rendition of one of the game’s key characters, M. And of coursethere's another chance to enter the competition, which will give out a copy of the game every day this week.

What are you waiting for? Gotake a look!

26 Oct, 2008