Cossacks: European Wars Cheats

Cossacks: European Wars Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Dj Lethal

    More Resources, Turn off Fog of war. Other codes

    To get more resources hit enter and type in 'money'.
    And to be able to see the whole map, press enter and type 'supervizor'
    And for both of them together press enter and type Press ENTER then put in a code below
    izmena - Use keys 1-9 to change players
    multivar - Access all units with P
    VICTORY - Skip to next mission

Cossacks: European Wars Hints

  • PC | Submitted by johnny

    Kill Soldiers Easily.

    Hint: okay u start up. build the windmill and the great hall (the place where you make peasants) and use the cheats: money(7times)and supervisor(1time) then make all your buildings until you get to make the mercenary place. when you build it make millions of dragoons, such cossacks, grenadiers and archers.
    and then attack!!!!!!!. and build towers around your base and upgrade them to full power. then you send the pike men and and mercenaries that are attacking you crying for their mummies. hehe.
    you need the dragoons for fire power and sich cossacks for fast attack. plus you need the archers and grenadiers for blowing up the buildings. easy. if you can't beat the computer just use the cheat: victory