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Conduit 2 Cheats

Conduit 2 offers up perhaps the most robust online suite for a Wii shooter, but while the multiplayer offerings impress, the turgid storyline and quips further sink a meandering campaign.

Conduit 2 Unlockables

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    Conduit 2 achievements


    1337 Status: Obtain rank 45 in matchmaking.

    Armor Piercing: Kill 35 Advancers.

    Awesome Kill: Kill 3 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.

    Back in Action!: Escape the gas chamber on the Trust Platform.

    Blaster Kill: Kill 4 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.

    Blindfolded Warrior: Kill an opponent while you are blinded by a Flash Grenade.

    Bomb Squad: Disarm the weapon in D.C.

    C2 Novice: Obtain rank 5 in matchmaking.

    Cartography: Discover all of the Conduit coordinates.

    Competitive: Play in a game with a rival.

    Conduit 2 Master: Earn every achievement.

    Deconstruction: Kill 50 Fixers.

    Defender: Finish round 2 of Invasion.

    Detective: Complete 75% of the Data Log.

    Die Alien Scum!: Finish round 4 of Invasion.

    Engineering Bay: Obtain all of the weapon blueprints.

    Enlightened: Complete 100% of the Data Log.

    Exterminator: Kill 150 Drones.

    Fresh Brewed: Crouch several times while standing near a wounded player in multiplayer.

    Friendly: Play in a game with a friend.

    Gaming Party: Play in a four player splitscreen game.

    GimmeDaGold: Have 100,000 cr to your name.

    He Came From Behind: Destroy all the shield turrets in China.

    Heart in Darkness: Destroy the Drudge hearts beneath D.C.

    Helping Hand: Help the Othu and the Free Drudge escape.

    Ice Queen: Take Katarina's soul.

    In the Name of Science!: Kill 50 Scientists.

    Inquisitive: Complete 50% of the Data Log.

    Invasion's Fun!: Finish round 3 of Invasion.

    Just Bodies.: Finish round 5 of Invasion.

    Kill Fest: Kill 10 opponents in a row without dying.

    Killer Kill: Kill 5 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.

    Killing Spree: Kill 3 opponents in a row without dying.

    Learning the Ropes: Obtain rank 15 in matchmaking.

    Leviafun: Defeat the Leviathan.

    Massacre: Kill 5 opponents in a row without dying.

    Observer: Complete 25% of the Data Log.

    Optimal Primer: Deal with the primers on the Trust Platform.

    Over 9,000!: Gain enough power to take on Adams.

    Powered Up: Collect all of the Progenitor Energy.

    Pro Skills: in matchmaking, finish a free for all game in 1st place without using any suit upgrades.

    Reign of Terror: Kill 20 opponents in a row without dying.

    Roach Stomper: Kill 10 Scarabs.

    Super Kill: Kill 2 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.

    Survivor: Finish round 1 of Invasion.

    Tail Gunner: Destroy the Gunship.

    The Conduit: Restore the Conduit Dialer to working order.

    The Ooze's Secret: Discover the Ooze's Secret in D.C.

    The Suit Makes the Man: Obtain the Atlantean Armor.

    Tighten Up The Graphics: Activate the hidden wheel in D.C.

    Trust This!: Kill 200 Trust Guards.

    Ultra Kill: Kill 6 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.

    Vengeance: Kill Adams.

    Voyeur Destroyer: Destroy every security camera in Katarina's Fortress.

    Welcome to Kill City: Kill 15 opponents in a row without dying.

    Welcome to the Big Leagues: Obtain rank 30 in matchmaking.

    You're Winner!: Complete the single player campaign.

    Your Soul is Mine: Defeat Li.