Commandos 3: Destination Berlin Cheats

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Craig Scott

    Sniper VS Sniper made easier again

    At the start of the first level we are faced with an elite sniper. I found the easiest way to do this was:
    spin your map 180 degrees, scroll the map in a south east direction and there'll be a tiny hut which u can not enter, but run beside that, the sniper makes a run for it, then crouches at the corner, then run back into the building where u started besdie, go upstairs and go to the closest window to you on the upstairs plan, peek out of it and the sniper is right in front of you, alls you have to do is spin the map 180 degrees again, then snipe his butt, and any other soldiers in range. Done!

  • PC | Submitted by Mrs George Morgan

    Clearing out the sewers in Berlin

    When you find yourself in the Berlin sewers after the cut scene in which you meet the Spy, you can easily overcome each room of the sewer and clear it out by simply using punches, knifing and running into a room, being spotted and then running out, and taking cover behind your fellow commandos, who are of course, waiting on guard move with their guns pulled out, aimed at the door. When the Nazis burst in, your men nail them, and you can clear all the sewers out doing this. With a couple of the Nazis, it's even easier to simply come out behind them, knife them and drag their body back through the door.

  • PC | Submitted by Mrs George Morgan

    Sniper Vs Sniper tip

    I completed this level first of all by literally taking out everyone a man at a time, and boy was it hard going!
    Then my brother tried it, and discovered that when you've sniped one nazi from the Russian embassy (be careful, pop out of the wrong window and the elite sniper will kill you!), and cleared out the Nazi riflemen around the fountain by sniping them from the unoccupied yard area (behind the wall, above the little dugouts the Russians soldiers mostly start in), you can crawl down, take their stuff and then as you move down towards the highest tower (it's a church building), the elite nazi sniper should move his position and make a run for it; he tends to respond to your movements to keep you covered so you can't snipe him but he can snipe you. As he runs, you can actually quite safely change direction, bolt the other way and snipe him as he's running - ending this part of the mission early! Whew!

  • PC | Submitted by Matthew Donnelly

    Sniper Level Hints

    How to complete the sniper level:
    First get your man to the left, where two of your men are taking cover. Kill the enemy in front of the two men. Get to the big fountain, but stand up,run,and if you see the sniper's scope, crawl so he won't snipe you. Go left through the fountain and kill any Shermans you find. (I call Germans Shermans) Afterwards,run to the building where the Sniper was before reinforcements arrive. The Sniper moved to the wall right beside the Russian Embassy. Kill all the enemies beside the building. And after you go around the other side of the building, the Sniper will then run to another building. Run back quickly, turn off cover mode, get your sniper rifle ready. You get to snipe the enemy sniper beside the fountain. Then "SNIPE!"Mission Completed.

  • PC | Submitted by Matthew Donnelly

    Normandy vehicle Hints

    How to get rid of the vehicles in Normandy:
    First hide the Thief somewhere safe so the patrol doesn't find him. Then select the Sapper and go right where you will find the "Munitions" Building. But first, if you see an officer, tie him up silently. Then watch out for a patrolling soldier, tie him up too. And go to the last hideout where you will find a guard, tie him up. But make sure that you hide the officer and the two soldiers if you see boxes, so the patrol doesn't untie them. then go into the last door and in there, you will find workers. Kill them whatever way. And you will see boxes. Open them up, you will find explosives. Take as many as you can, then get to the site where you will see tanks. You have time in this mission, so do it ASAP. Infiltrate the tank Compound by tieing up the guards. Go behind each line of the tanks and place two bombs on two barrels and do it on the next line. Then go find somewhere safe to blow up the halftracks with your bazooka. Detonate the bombs on the barrels and you will blow up a huge fuel tank and all the tanks. And the Alarm will be sounded. Destroy all the Halftracks that pass by. After that, try to go to the hideout where you picked up the explosives, but kill any Nazis that are in your way. Then, place a bomb inside the building where you collected them, detonate the bomb: Mission Complete.

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Ovee

    Various Cheats

    To enable cheat mode Type SOYINCAPAZ as a name or during the mission. Then press following keys during game play to activate the corresponding cheat.
    [Ctrl]+ I - God mode
    [Ctrl]+ V - Invisibility
    [Shift]+ X - Place commandos under pointer
    [Ctrl]+ [-] - Show frame rate
    [Ctrl]+[Shift]+ N - Skip mission
    [Ctrl]+[Shift]+ X - Destroy all opponents