Command & Conquer Counterstrike Cheats

Command & Conquer Counterstrike Hints

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    Free Men
    Build a missile silo. When the missile is ready, sell the silo and immeidately launch the missile. If you were quick enough, the sale will have stopped and some troops will come out of the silo.
    Giant Ant Missions
    At the title screen, hold Left Shift and left click on the round speaker.
    Soviet Playing Tip
    When playing as the Soviets, when you have a Iron Curtain and a Missle Silo, send a tank into the enemy base. When he is attacked, use the Iron Curtain on him. When lots of enemys come around him, launch the atom bomb.
    Tesla Tanks
    If you want to build a Tesla Tank first select a skirmish or multiplayer game. You must also select to be France and have a Tech level of at least 7. Before you start building a radar jammer, press and hold the shift key and then click on the radar jammer icon before letting go of the shift key.
    View Credits
    To view the ending credits, click on the Westwood logo on the title screen.