Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force Cheats

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force Hints

  • DS | Submitted by Taylaa :)

    Destroy the robots - mission 12- First Robot.

    First you have to go to the gift shop after talking to Agent G (Garry the inventor), then you have to click on the red puffle and destroy the boxes barricading the entry, then go inside and click on the blue puffle and then throw a snowball at the robots eye.
    If it says something about optical vision, then throw one at it again, and then follow it into the staff lounge, then go through the door leading to the roof and then throw another snowball at it. By this time, you should be able to deactivate the robot, using the device Agent G previously gave you. To do this go to your top right corner on the DS and then click on the 'blue thing' your agent device. Click on the device G gave you and then use it to click on the robot, then it will be deactivated after you complete the 3 or 4 mazes. Click on the devices on the robot when you have used your gadget and then complete the maze. Then go back outside the giftshop, and talk to Agent D (Dot the Disguise gal) then talk to The Jet Pack Guy, and then the other three people (The Rookie, Gift Shop worker and the news reporter) then return to G.)

  • DS | Submitted by Fairy lover Kelsey

    Getting 100% completion

    If you complete all the missions but you only have like 85% done on your home screen, it's because you have to get the "king of the mountain gold medal", "rail kahuna gold", golden mullet and golden chest medal", " rocket ace gold ", "night club fever gold", and snow trekker lightning " medals. You can look at these by clicking start and then on the screen then on continue( and the percentage that you have done underneath it) click on he bottom left square that says Mini Games ( the one W/ a blue penguin and light pink puffle) and click on the game that you choose. To get the king of the mountain gold you must get 1000 points in each game.