CIMA: The Enemy Cheats

CIMA: The Enemy Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by PJDMan

    Super Attack

    You hold down the A button. When you let go, you will attack with two attacks. You will also move faster while holding down the A button.

  • GBA | Submitted by psy

    Date with jester

    At the beginning of the game on the train talk to jester. he should tell you about the gate guardians and what they are supposed to do. keep talking to him, on the seventh time he should say " do you want to go on a date with me or something?

  • GBA | Submitted by The _Lord_Of_The_Printers

    Fighting the Dragon

    When you fight the 3rd or 4th boss, (it's a gigantic dragon) you need some special sword to beat him. It falls from the sky multiple times so you will need it more than once. You kill the little dragon heads that look like snakes first. Then swords will start falling. They don't hurt you. The ones with a red dot on them are fake. Get the ones with blue dots. Ignore the tail. You will lose a lot of potions fighting so don't worry. Ivy doesn't need any. Don't attack the sides of the big head, go for the front until he's about to fire his laser. You'll be able to tell. I used up 3 potions and got of with 4 health after. He's that hard. Don't worry, it's possible to beat him.