Check the Joint out

Monday 8 May 2006
We've used a little strategic planning to get our hands on these new shots from Vivendi's new real-time strategy game, Joint Task Force, due to be released for PC this autumn.

The RTS is set in the near future where NATO, the UN and the US are struggling to cope with the amount of military unrest that is occurring in the world. Consequently, western leaders have formed an elite military squad, called the Joint Task Force to combat growing terrorism and police trouble hot spots around the globe.

The action is broken up into 20 missions spread across the world in such troubled places as the Middle East, central Asia and the Balkans. The battlefields are fully 3D with minute detail, while realistic physics is used to replicate the considerable amount of destruction that takes place. As well as destructible landscapes, weather effects will feature in the game and will have some influence on how the action unfolds.

Developer Mithis Entertainment has been working very closely with military hardware manufacturers and agreed licensing deals to ensure all modelling and performance of the various war machines is as realistic as possible.