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    Submitted by Auron255

Chaos Legion Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by taylor

    Be Arcia

    Beat the game using Normal Difficulty
    Get Hard Difficulty Level
    Beat the game using Normal Difficulty
    Get Super Hard Difficulty Level
    Beat the game using Hard Difficulty
    99 EXP Gems.
    In the first hub (when you still have Thantos) you will come to an area where you will get four separate enemies with "TARGET" above them. Near the beginning of this section you will pick up two items. After defeating all the enemies, backtrack to the previous section and then come back. there will now be more items waiting where the two you picked up previously were. keep back tracking and coming back, because more items will keep appearing. The items will keep regenerating until you have a heap of life and soul gems, ten medium EXP Gems and 99 small EXP Gems.
    this is very good, as it allows you to kick-start your Guilt and Malice legions, and not waste later EXP Gems building them up.
    Beat the Final Bosses
    Ok you know when the boss comes out after you beat Delacroix he's easy just wait till he comes down and slash the hell out a him. Ok when Demon Seila comes out you should summon the malice (the legion with crossbows) when you do place a target on her (the red stuff that comes out of your arm) and keep pressing triangle then when she's about to do something like send out a tentacle (the tentacle kills you in one hit) uncommon the legion and run like hell then when she stops summons again after she turns out of her black form just go up to her and summon the guilt legion (the ones with swords) when you do place a target ( the red stuff that comes out of your hand) on Seila and keep pushing triangle she loses a lott of health when she's out of her black form. Repeat this process until she is dead and enjoy the long ending.
    Rapid Fire (Archers)
    After summoning the archer legion rapidly hit triangle to make your legions fire as fast as you hit triangle! this is a really good cheat/strategy when you are against the immobile enemies that fire red beams, or against the small hover planes that have spikes, because they move quickly.
    Secret Entrance
    In the game when you receive the claw legion "flawed" use some exp gems to build its exp then use exp to get "double raid" which is the double jump then go to level two at the end with the boss run to the wall and work your way around it hitting it as you go at a certain part of the wall it will brake and there will be a ledge you must use "double raid" to reach it inside there are 15 XXL exp gems,20 XL gems,25 L gems,30 M gems and 50 regular gems
    Best Way to Defeat Dog Like Monsters
    When the dog like monsters are starting to ball up and roll, then just attack when it gets in range before it hits you, or if its close enough, hit it while its still in the same place. This will do more damage because it is a counter. If your attack is leveled up all the way for your player, then it will kill them at once.
    Lots Of Experience
    Go to level and at the place where you fight all those monsters with swords as hands and keep on coming back in the room that leads straight to the boss room. Well if you stay there and keep on killing them for about an hour. They will be completely dead and u will have ended with about 11,000,000. But there is a bonus. Once you kill them all, you have to leave the room but not to where it has to load you leaving, then u have to come back and there will be about 50 experience gems and some other things.
    English option
    By finishing the game once, you can select English voice acting and subtitles for cutscenes in the language menu.
    Unlock "Liv Special PV", "Total Results" and "Extra Menu" options
    Beat the game using any Difficulty level
    Get Ultimate Legion
    Get all the Thanatos Chips on all the stages
    Play Previously Played Levels
    On stage 9 beat the boss and you will get the Map Selector which allows you to go to any completed level
    Change Enemies on Previously Played Levels
    Beat the boss on level 10 to unlock Change Appearance which changes enemies on replayed levels
    Kill Them Easier!
    When you are Fighting the hollow monsters, instead of summoning your legion, press the triangle button without the legion and you will damage them more, plus your legion wont get killed.
    Destroy the final summon
    Slash twice then us the upper cut then summon up the 2nd summon monster it will die!