Championship Bass Cheats

Championship Bass Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by kurt palm

    Level 12 challenge


  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    All levels

    All levels enter where you put your name at EVpUyYy18VoE

  • PS1 | Submitted by stimy

    Levels in tournment

    L2 FVk5rRusqT%g
    L3 Y%xsG8bZXu triangle g
    L4 %DzxvtrpnavU
    L5 EP31zxvtrXbd
    L6 YTihfdbZXrP1
    L7 TcomkigeckU&
    L8 MHvtrpn circle inside circle jcjy
    L9 XQkigecayr42
    L10 JCywusqomZ-S
    L11 Lewusqomkfsu

Championship Bass Hints

  • PC | Submitted by DO IT

    Catch 50 to 100 pound CatFish

    Lake Toho
    Deep part
    Use a Crawdad Red and Brown
    I almost had a 100 pounder it went one centimeter from ripped for the whole time it dragged it and ripped it so GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

  • PC | Submitted by Brian Krueth

    Bass City

    Wind Direction:North
    Wind Speed:5
    Air Temp:60
    Water Temp:65
    Water Clarity:Clear

  • PC | Submitted by John

    Bass City

    Get a bunch of bass
    Wind direction:south
    Wind speed:5
    Air Temp:80
    Water Clarity:stained

  • PC | Submitted by Shane

    Easy Catch

    After you set the hook, start reeling in and don't stop reeling in until it jumps or the red on the drag gauge gets close to the end.
    (make sure the rod is all the way up.)

  • PC | Submitted by MIKE

    Trout City

    This is a way to get a lot of Trout.
    Wind Direction:North
    Wind Speed:5
    Air Temp:60
    Water Temp:60
    Water Clarity:Clear

Championship Bass Unlockables

  • PC | Submitted by RyanBmaster

    Bonus Lures

    You can get tons of Bonus Lures in Bass Challenge Mode. How is if you catch the bass that has goldish skin and red eyes.