Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL Cheats

Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL Unlockables

  • 3DS | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlockable Characters

    Battle mode

    Captain Knuckles: Win 3 games vs CPU characters

    Bubbles: Win 7 games vs CPU characters

    Blossom: Win 12 Matches

    Monkey: Win 18 Matches

    Grim: Win 25 Matches

    Samurai Jack: Win 33 Matches

    Father: Win 42 Matches

    Vilgax: Win 52 Matches

    Mojo Jojo: Win 63 Matches

    Captain Planet: Win 75 Matches

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL achievements

    Achievement list

    Couch Potato (100 points)
    Beat Story Mode

    Chowder Fan (10 points)
    Finished the Chowder theme in story mode

    Ben 10 Fan (10 points)
    Finished the Ben 10 theme in story mode

    Flapjack Fan (10 points)
    Finished the Flapjack theme in story mode

    KND Fan (15 points)
    Finished the KND theme in story mode

    PPG Fan (15 points)
    Finished the Powerpuff Girls theme in story mode

    Foster’s Fan (15 points)
    Finished the Foster’s Home theme in story mode

    Dexter’s Lab Fan (20 points)
    Finished the Dexter’s Lab theme in story mode

    Billy & Mandy Fan (20 points)
    Finished the Grim Adventure’s theme in story mode

    Samurai Jack Fan (20 points)
    Finished the Samurai Jack theme in story mode

    No Big Deal (50 points)
    Beat Story Mode on the Hard difficulty setting

    Cartoon Collector (50 points)
    Unlocked all characters

    Costume Collector (30 points)
    Unlocked all costumes

    Unreal Estate Collector (40 points)
    Unlocked all arenas

    Big Money! (20 points)
    Collected 1000 points from a single level

    It’s over 9000! (25 points)
    Collected 9001 points

    Frenemies (30 points)
    Defeated Kevin boss using Ben without dying

    Samurai’s Journey (35 points)
    Defeated Aku boss using Jack without dying

    Professional Hero (50 points)
    Defeated the Final boss without dying

    “Yes!” (5 points)
    Activated Ben’s synergy assist

    It’s Hero Time! (20 points)
    Won the Bellwood fight in story mode with Ben or Young Ben in under a minute

    Vengeance of Vilgax (5 points)
    Won five fights as Vilgax against Ben and Young Ben

    Ugly Finish (20 points)
    Scored four consecutive knockouts using Kevin’s PTE

    Chicken Ball Z (20 points)
    Scored four knockouts after using Billy and Mandy’s PTE

    Freedom!!! (20 points)
    Won the Toadblatt’s level in story mode with Grim in under two minutes

    Like a Hoss (30 points)
    Won the Endsville Cemetery level in story mode with Hoss Delgado without dying

    I am not your Boyfriend (5 points)
    Activated Panini’s assist while fighting against Chowder

    Adventure! (30 points)
    Won the first Flapjack Pier level in story mode with Flapjack and K’nuckles in under three minutes

    Dexo Robo 2000 (10 points)
    Scored two knockouts using Dexter’s PTE

    What Does This Button Do? (5 points)
    Activated DeeDee’s assist while fighting against Dexter

    AH-ha-ha! AH-ha-HA ha-ha! (5 points)
    Activated Mandark’s assist while fighting against Dexter

    Dial M for Monkey (15 points)
    Won ten fights as Monkey in his alternate costume

    Way of the Samurai (25 points)
    Scored five knockouts after activating Jack’s PTE

    Ninjas Beat Pirates (10 points)
    Won a fight as Jack in his alternate costume with Flapjack and K’nuckles as opponents

    Master of Darkness (10 points)
    Won five fights as Aku with Jack as an opponent

    Viking God of Rock (15 points)
    Scored two consecutive knockouts with Aku’s synergy assist

    Meet My Beautiful Wife (15 points)
    Activated Scotsman's PTE and Peppermint Larry’s Assist in the same fight

    Go Mac Go (15 points)
    Won ten fights as Mac and Bloo in their alternate costumes

    S.E.C.T.O.R. V. (20 points)
    Completed Kids Next Door Platformer under 5 minutes

    Father is Number One (10 points)
    Won five fights as Father with Numbuh One as an opponent

    Flame Broiled (10 points)
    Scored a knockout using Father’s synergy assist

    Flushed (15 points)
    Scored two simultaneous knockouts using Toiletnator’s PTE

    A great Big Hug (5 points)
    Activated Bubbles’ synergy assist

    Not Powerpuff, Rowdyruff! (20 points)
    Won a fight with each Powerpuff in alternate costume against a Powerpuff in normal outfit

    Planet of the Ape (15 points)
    Won ten fights as Mojo Jojo against a Powerpuff girl

    Him Diddle Riddle (15 points)
    Won ten fights as Him against a Powerpuff girl

    P90 Him (15 points)
    Won nine fights as Him in his alternate costume

    The power is yours! (15 points)
    Scored three simultaneous knockouts using Captain Planet’s PTE

    Disco Fever (10 points)
    Scored two consecutive knockouts using Captain Planet’s synergy assist

    Do the Monkey (5 points)
    Activated Johnny’s synergy assist