Cart World Series Cheats

Cart World Series Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Select Number of Cars

    Select # Of Cars :

    Enter the name MAXCARS followed by a letter for the number of cars you want to race against. A is one car (you),B is two cars, C is three cars, etc. if the code doesn't work the first time, exit to the main menu and try again.

    Enter the following codes in the "create a driver" screen. You reach this screen by pressing Left when the driver Mark Blundell is on thescreen. Once you've entered some codes, try different tracks to see thedifferent effects.

    Three-Fourths Gravity : FEATHER

    Half Gravity : FLOAT

    Stronger Gravity : RADBRAD

    No Collision on Cars : BANZAI

    Wheels Only : WHEELS

    Win Season : WTFIN

    Invincible in Sim Mode: IMMORTAL

    Two-Lap Race Season Mode : GEK

    Sunset track : SUNNYSKY

    Night Tracks : NIGHTRID

    Mars Mode : SPACERID

    Tron Mode : EPILEPTI

    New Paint Jobs :ROOSTER