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Burnout Paradise may be backwards compatible on Xbox One

It's been more than seven years since gamers had a Burnout game to burn rubber with - no, while fun, the arcade-like Burnout Crash! (opens in new tab) doesn't count. But developer Criterion Games teased that it's looking to bring the series back ... in a fashion. While there's no new Burnout game on the horizon (that we know of), Criterion tweeted (opens in new tab) today that they are "talking" to Microsoft about making Burnout Paradise (opens in new tab), the last proper game in the series about risky racing, backwards compatible with Xbox One.

Xbox One backwards compatibility (opens in new tab) works by running what is essentially an Xbox 360 emulator, but that doesn't mean each and every Xbox 360 game will work when the program goes live later this year. There's still work developers need to do in order to make the game run smoothly, so the fact that Criterion are even considering investing the time and resources is good news for fans. Burnout hasn't been forgotten, friends.

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