Burnout 5 opens up

Our friends at UK sister mag Xbox World 360 uncovered some delicious tidbits for the next iteration of property damage-simulator, Burnout.

Criterion producer Alex Ward is feeling confident that the next Burnout will be a true evolution: “To us, what next-gen means is really making a completely different game experience than ever before. In the past our games have been racing games, very linear, the player’s been restricted by loops, laps, modes, menus that we’ve tried to remove. We’ve just looked at all the barriers in the player’s way and tried to remove them. If somebody asked me what game is Burnout 5 most like, it’s probably most like Crackdown than anything else. It’s the closest thing in terms of; it’s your game at your pace. You can do it in any order, anyway you want.”

In addition to a far more open game world, Crtierion is using the extra power of Xbox 360 to produce even more realistic crashes. Ward says, “We’re actually simulating the car accidents better than ever before.” And they’ve got plans to use the Live Vision cam online - so you can see your own face buckle.

April 25, 2007