Bumper Wars Cheats

Bumper Wars Hints

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    More points

    Okay, To get more points you must use the cold laser and it will get you more points and its not very strong.
    Mini gun- Its is strong at close range but bad at long range.
    Mine- The mines stink, they get you no points and self destruct after a while.
    Rocket- The rocket will give you about 100 points pere rocket[If I were you I use Bulderdash or Godzila.]

  • PC | Submitted by Joey Szuma

    Evading Enemies

    This really isn't a code.On the level were you have a Balcony rode passing through a ring,when you get to the ring,slow down,and fall on thering. if you did it right, you should fall on the ring and your enemy should zoom right passed you!!!!!