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Brute Force Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Squad teams

    Have you wondered how to get squads for squad death match? Well what you have to do is get all the members of the squad. Like for the platoon you have to get Guther Ghent, Ty McTavish, Confed marine, and militia.

  • Xbox | Submitted by irfan

    Kill Hunter Lord

    Ok you go to the last level which is the anvil and go and find hunter lord. If you try shooting him it won't work he'll go and get more power from this base. go find his base and there will be these weird things protecting him you shoot the things on his sides that are protecting him. Now you have disabled the things protecting him. you still can't shoot him, he still can gain power from his base, now you go back a bit and there's another path you go down till you reach a door if its locked unlock it by going to the control pad and standing in front of it and holding A now you keep walking until you reach a meteor control pad wait for hunter lord to enter his base then you work the meteor control and he'll look up at the meteor which is coming from the sky when it hits him he will dye and you've completed the game.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Lots Of MedKits

    This is good if ur running low on medkits in a hard level like killing shadoon or seers in the Bayou. This Costs you cash and Ops But you'll be able to get your ops back depending on how many controllers you have. First hook up all the controls you have and go to the level. when your running low on those valuable medkits kill all your ops except one. press start and pick your character on the second, third, or Fourth controller to get back an op. when you get back an op it'll have an extra medkit with him/her. keep repeating this process until you have the amount of medkits you need. If you want to get all your ops back you must have four controllers press start on all of them pick that character and then press start and quit on the to get your ops back to AI bots. this cheat costs cash but it's worth it on hard levels

  • Xbox | Submitted by James M

    Complete DNA Canisters Walkthrough

    Welcome to the 23rd [Confed Marine]:
    In the second or third bunker. When the commander guy tells you this is a good
    time to use Tex's Beserker power, it's in that area.

    Rescue Brutus [Feral Colonist][chapter 2]:
    Behind door with a slit after you rescue Brutus. Use grenades to destroy the

    Cemetery gates [Feral Outcast]:
    Right before the foggy canyon, inside the hut up on the hill to the left

    Hunting for Shadoon [Seer Follower]:
    Short alternate path before the second (?) teleporter. You are on the right
    path if Tex says "the road less traveled." The DNA is held on some sort of a
    shrine; its hard to miss. After you grab it some enemies will appear, so watch

    Terrorist ghetto [Militia]:
    Directly in front of the computer you must destroy for the mission.

    Lonesome death of Edward Kingman [Confed Marine]:
    On the path that doesn t lead to the end of the level, in a building.

    These more specific directions were created by cassing - -

    The only thing you can do at Ferguson base is take out the two guards and the
    sentry guns are indestructible. The gate to the right of Ferguson is basically
    on the opposite side of where the level ends (you'll see it shortly after
    taking out Kingman.

    You should find the DNA inside a building at the top center of the Kingman
    refinery. You'll come to a path the forks left and right. The left path takes
    you up a kind of steep hill. The right path has a large, opened pipe on the
    right (that you can walk through). Take the path on the left up the steep hill.
    At the top, the path forks again, left and right. On the left is a large
    container (looks like a medicine tablet) with Kingman's face on it. On the
    right there is a moving oil rig. The building is in the middle; directly in
    front of you.

    Ship graveyard [Outcast shaman]:
    In the second part of the stage in a big area with a lot of structures. The
    canister is in a small shed to the right of the big area when you enter.

    Return to osrisis [High priest]:
    Near the beginning of the level, inside a priest of shadoon hologram. When you
    walk into it, the holo will disappear, revealing the DNA.

    Seers of the bayou [Feral Shaman][chapter 3]:
    You'll reach a point where the path branches left across a bridge and further
    up a tree. The left bridge is the correct path. Further up there's an outcast
    that rolls bombs at you. Kill him and the canister should be there (might be
    behind a destructible door)

    Squirm [Gunther Ghent]:
    At the fork in the road go left. You will have to kill the objective before he
    reaches a landing zone. After, the DNA is located in a small building to your
    forward left on the wall, assuming as if you just walked in through the gate
    into the area.

    Supermutant [Militia]:
    After you kill the supermutant and open the rear gate, turn left. There is a
    big pipe in the back which contains the DNA canister. The pipe is across from
    the exit point.

    Kill Shadoon [Shadoon]:
    Defeat shadoon the first time and he'll drop it.

    Abaddon [Fire hound]:
    At the end of the level, go past the satellite. It will be just on the edge
    next to the lava.

    SETI 2049 [McTavish]:
    When you climb the building to McTavish, head left and go to the edge, it's
    behind some crates or something. It s straight across from McTavish.

    Hostile Reception [Shrike Soldier][chapter 4]:
    Remember the ship at the end of the fourth chapter of this level, the one the
    Shrike is escaping in? Destroy it or not, you can enter the tunnel the ship
    launched from. You should find the DNA in there.

    Ripe for Plunder [Shrike Heavy]:
    Inside the building with the last weapons crate. You may have to blow up a

    Shrike Rogues [Shrike Hound]:
    On top of the ziggurat.

    The Anvil [Hunter lord]:
    In the final area with the boss, circle around the edge until you get to one
    of two the force field projectors. It should be right there.

  • Xbox | Submitted by brute king

    (hint) end 2nd level easy

    At the level you receive hawk there is a tower at the very end with alien tech (dodad) leave Tex and Brutus at the fight right before it go stealth and get powerblade out enter the tower slice the priest and get the alien dodad

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How 2 get DNA canisters

    mission:welcome 2 the 23rd
    as soon as u get to the big gates open them. After this u will be attacked by multiple enemies but don't worry u should have 2 squad mates with u. After u killed all the enemies u go inside a small building.If u havent killed the guy inside do it now.

    mission:rescue brutus
    after u rescue brutus go across the bridge but u r attack from behind by 2 or 4 outcasts.Now go 2 the right.2 the left there r outcast and u must defeat them before u can get the dna canister.After they r killed at the end of the room u will notice a locked door and 2 open it u must throw a grenade or 2 at it.

    mission:cemetary gates
    4 this one u must climb the high ground ooposite of the huge fuel tower.Up here on top u will see a bunch of shanties in one of these there is the DNA canister.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar


    special secondary can carry
    berserker explosive rifles,cannons
    spirit of sense of the rifles,cannons
    vengar beast
    stealth system override, pistols,rifles
    advanced air recycling, pistols,rifles
    targeting advanced sniping

  • Xbox | Submitted by turkeyloafer

    One way wall

    In the squad deathmatch level: shantytown, near the large bridge there is an area with several small shacks some big pillars, and ruins. in this area you can go through a broken section of wall, on you left there should be a very large section of some now broken building leaning against the hillside. All the way to the right of this is a gap large enough for you to fit through. you will need to jump to make it up the hill and to the other side of the ruin. If you go to the left there is a section of wall that you can jump on to get on top of one of the sheds. To the left there is a large pillar. You can run partway up the hill and jump to get over this (It is easier if you are one of the hounds). You will find yourself next to two large pipes in a big open area. Across from you there are two more pipes, to the right of those pipes there is a wall when you get close enough to it you will see it is two dimensional and disappears from the right angle. There is a space between that wall and the wall next to it. Walking through here will put you back where you were before and the wall will close behind you so you are unable to go back through.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Multiplayer Characters

    Collect the DNA containers throughout the levels to get more characters

  • Xbox | Submitted by Dylan


    In the Terrorist Ghetto level, In the first sunken temple, go down to a corner with a zombie, near the computer Hawk bypasses. Kill him and get a Khan. This weapon is much like the sweeper v, but holds twice as much ammo.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Easy Teleporters for lava levels

    The teleporters that the seers use are easy to destroy. All that u have to do is put a grenade (energy and sonic work the best if enemy's are near the teleporter)right near it and get out of the way.

  • Xbox | Submitted by urbanhoboman

    Special Wall Trick

    On the level SETI 2049, after you enter the center of the base where McTavish is there is a way to get onto the roof of one of those curved buildings. After you kill the turrets, turn left and go around the corner there should be 2 guards. Kill them. Then in this little area in the back left corner is a yellow barrel next to a big grey crate jump on the barrel then jump up to the crate. You may have trouble jumping onto the crate but it is possible. Then get on the wall and walk towards the curved-roof building along the wall. When you get to it, there is about 4 supports along the back. line up with one of them and jump straight onto it. Then walk slowly up it and your on the roof facing where McTavish is. I recommend using Flint to do this so she can have a good spot to cover everyone else.

  • Xbox | Submitted by MWzane

    Effective weapons

    Good weapons against the shadoon are shotgun, or any projectile.(teleporters die faster with energy) Bad weapons against them are bio ones!!!
    good weapons against the lizard things are bio weapons(my favourite), minigun, shotgun, sniper rifles. bad weapons are pistols and smaller energy weapons.

    good weapons against the mutants are sniper rifle, energy weapons, minigun, powerful pistol. bad weapons are bio ones.

    good weapons against terrorists and marines are basically all heavy weapons, and a small number of handguns.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Dee

    Easy Attacking

    Use your other characters to support you at the flanks, this will make it easy for you to attack!

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to beat the final boss

    The final boss at first may be difficult but he really is easy. Get near the shield that he teleports him self to. If you look around near there you will see those generator things you had to shoot earlier in the mission. Shoot them all and then go to were the console is in the middle of the area your in. When he teleports back to the shield was, activate the console and a meteor will crash into him killing him.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar


    character armor speed function
    TEX heavy slow assult
    Brutus medium fast shock trooper
    Hawk light fast scout
    Flint medium medium sniper

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kevin Torge

    DNA on Return To Osiris

    Are you having problems finding the DNA on the level Return to Osiris? well this is where it is.This DNA is on the first chapter than the secound. Even though all the other DNAs are always on the last chapter.You know the place where Tex says "It looks like we disturped pray time" well it is in the place where the slaves are praying to Sadoons hologram.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar


    weapon type clipsize ammo
    A10bioreactive rifle 40 BIO
    A50bioreactive cannon 40 BIO
    bower 20 rifle 12 shotgun
    confedLZR-10 pistol 30 regen
    confedLZR-23 rifle 50 regen
    confedLZR-50 cannon 99 regen
    feral cutter rifle 30 cutter
    foley 356 tact pistol 24 11mm
    iKhan gpl rifle 16 grenade
    grenade launcher
    ion beamer rifle 100 energy
    jax-ic cannon 36 sonic
    jax-ip pistol 16 sonic
    jax-ir rifle 24 sonic
    kman Auto pistol 35 high ROF
    L-shot-50 rifle 6 11mm
    L-shot-75 rifle 12 11mm
    MK-ASLT rifle 48 high ROF
    MNR-7 Bio pistol 50 BIO
    PU cutter cannon 50 cutter
    rail CLVR cannon 30 rail
    rail RVR rifle 24 rail
    RVG50 minigun cannon 80 high ROF
    saryl-23 pistol 14 particle
    saryl-45 cannon 30 particle
    sweeper V cannon 8 rocket
    therm sweeper cannon 8 rocket

  • Xbox | Submitted by joe

    DNA (seers on Bayou)

    Having trouble finding the dna on seers on Bayou. It is not on the final chapter its on chap #4.

  • Xbox | Submitted by ian

    Build squads for squad deathmatch mode

    Find the DNA relevant DNA canisters to unlock the following squads for use in squad deathmatch mode.

    BRUTE FORCE SQUAD-Tex,Brutus,Flint,& Hawk

    FERAL HUNTING PACK-Feral Conlonist,Feral Shaman,Feral Outcast,& Outcast Shaman

    SHRIKE RAIDERS-Shrike Hound,Shrike Soldier,Shrike Heavy,& Hunter Lord

    FERGUSON PLATOON-Confed Marine,Militia,Gunthar Ghent,& McTavish

  • Xbox | Submitted by Maxantior

    Always have all characters in campaign

    (You'll need four controllers) if ur playing one or two players play campaign. when one of them dies grab an unused controller and press a and select the character that's dead.
    (If one of them dies use both 3rd and 4th controllers because then the 3 would just pick the one that has not been use.)after youve brought him back press quit on the 3rd or 4th controller so ull now have all 4 man ALIVE

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Character Gets

    Get Confed Marine - Locate DNA Sequence in Mission 1 or Mission 6

    Get Feral Colonist - Locate DNA Sequence in Mission 2

    Get Feral Outcast - Locate DNA Sequence in Mission 3

    Get Seer Follower - Locate DNA Sequence in Mission 4

    Get Militia - Locate DNA Sequence in Mission 5 or Mission 11

    Get Outcast Shaman - Locate DNA Sequence in Mission 7

    Get Seer Priest - Locate DNA Sequence in Mission 8

    Get Feral Shaman - Locate DNA Sequence in Mission 9

    Get Gunthar Ghent - Locate DNA Sequence in Mission 10

    Get Shadoon - Locate DNA Sequence in Mission 12

    Get Fire Hound - Locate DNA Sequence in Mission 13

    Get McTavish - Locate DNA Sequence in Mission 14

    Get Shrike Soldier - Locate DNA Sequence in Mission 15

    Get Shrike Heavy - Locate DNA Sequence in Mission 16

    Get Shrike Hound - Locate DNA Sequence in Mission 17

    Get Hunter Lord - Locate DNA Sequence in Mission 18

  • Xbox | Submitted by RC

    Clearing the path

    When starting the Seers levels if you want to clear your path command your squad to STAND GUARD. Then take Flint and find cover and make sure that the Seers can't see you and take them out. Or you can use Hawk and use her stealth ability (but you have to be fast!) and kill as many of the Seers as you can with the Power Blade. Or you can use both Hawk and Flint the best way to use Hawk and Flint for clearing the path is using TWO Con.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Easy powerups at lava levels

    You can get easy ammo, grenades, and medpaks in those lava levels(the first lava level you get Hawk)by going those little blue huts the caammander guy says something like "i got a good signal on this place" then powerups come up. Then whenever you go in a little blue huts powerups come.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Quick Stamina Growth

    When you run out of stamina for any team mate, then go somewhere safe and press the left thumbstick to duck. By doing this, your stamina grows like 3 times faster!!!

Brute Force Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    New Brutus appearance

    Put in the code for your profile name.


  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    All Mission Maps

    Put in the code for your profile name.


  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Stupid AI

    Put in the code for your profile name.


  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Tougher Characters

    Put in the code for your profile name.


  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Rapid Fire Weapons

    Put in the code for your profile name.


  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Cartoon Mode

    Put in the code for your profile name.


  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    All Characters

    Put in the code for your profile name.


  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Die fast

    Put in the code for your profile name.


  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Aim better

    Put in the code for your profile name.


  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Better Defense

    Put in the code for your profile name.


  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Brutal Difficulty

    Put in the code for your profile name.