BONUS! Official Xbox Magazine subscribers get personalised Fable III back covers

We rana story last weekteasing a Fable III related surprise that was on its way for subscribers of the UK's Official Xbox 360 Magazine. We know you've all been on the precipice of your seats waiting to find out what the surprise was, so you'll be pleased to hear that we are now at liberty to reveal that the surprise was... personalised Fable III back covers. Just like the one below, if your name happened to be Pip Shepherd:

Or like this one, if your name happened to be Matt Statham:

Pretty sweet. Definitely worthy of putting in a frame and sticking in pride of place over the mantelpiece. It'd be quite the talking point. Are you a subscriber? If so, please share the joyous moment when you saw your name in print with us in the comments.

If you feel a bit left out and don't like the idea of missing any other tres desirable subscriber bonuses, the only solution is to subscribe. And you can find out how to do that at theOfficial Xbox 360 Magazine's subscription page.

October 21, 2010