Bomberman Max 2 Cheats

Bomberman Max 2 Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Red version

    To get Elephandon and Sparkum
    To get Elephandon, merge Elephan and Dorako. And to get Sparkum, merge Seapony and P-claw.

  • GBA | Submitted by Turtle Shell

    Blue Version

    Cheap and Easy way to beat the bosses
    This only works if you have the charabom called P-beast. Use P-beast's power of remote control bombs to hit the boss. Stay a safe distance away and send bomb after bomb at the boss and don't let it attack. This works all the time except for the final boss. Stong Charaboms
    So you want to get a charabom with hight speed,attack,defense and special.
    There are many ways to do this
    1. In each world there is a level where you have to get all charabom food . What you do is select a charabom that you want to train and complete the level. Then save then reset your GBA and keep doing the level
    2. Find a level with loads of charabom food and select a charabom you want to train. Blow up all soft blocks to get all the food once you've done that kill yourself so you have 2 lifes left and do the same thing over and over again.
    Hint: With charaboms you can fuse them so use this cheat and train 2 charaboms really well to fuse them and get a mega charabom
    On the red version on the dinning stage you will get big ox hes a level 16 so train a weak one to equal big ox and you'll get a really powerful fusion
    Beat the Final Boss Easily
    You know the final boss is hard so I'm going to tell you how to beat it easily. You'll need the charabroms, Sparkun and P. Dragon, in order to do this. For the final boss's first form, have P. Dragon use a skeleton bomb to knock the crud out of the boss and the missiles that give him the ability to fires lasers. Once the boss changes to it's second form, use Sparkun to go up into the upper corner and bomb him while avoiding the lasers below. Be sure to move out of the top when the boss uses his claw attack. After the boss switches to his third form, have Sparkun bomb him. The boss will split into small enemies. Then, use P. Dragon's skeleton bombing to get rid of them easily. Once you've destroyed every last small enemy, you will have won the boss battle.