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    Bomberman Live: Battlefest achievements

    Achievement list

    ...Of All You Survey (20 points)
    You've dominated in every single arena.

    A Real Blast (20 points)
    That explosion was huge! At least 12 bombs big!

    Full Closet (20 points)
    A true fashionista, you've collected every costume!

    Again, and Again, and AGAIN... (35 points)
    Woah, that's serious talent! That's 11 consecutive Ranked Matches!

    Excellent! (20 points)
    You showed those guys! You've won 25 4-player online games!

    Three with One Blow! (20 points)
    Those three computer players never knew what hit them.

    Hail to the King (10 points)
    Your 50 Capture the Crown points grant you a regal bearing, my liege.

    Wealth Beyond Measure (10 points)
    Careful investment has netted you over $500 in your Bankroll career.

    Explorerman (10 points)
    You came, you saw, you've played a game on every arena!

    Luddite (15 points)
    That's 99 computer players we'll never see again.

    Patriot (10 points)
    You've captured at LEAST five flags.

    Clearly Important (10 points)
    Someone of real importance, you've been a VIP at least three times!

    Go Go Bombzilla! (10 points)
    Win 2 matches in a row on Giant dressed in the complete Bombzilla costume. Requires Bomb-Up Pack I.

    Surprise Attack! (15 points)
    Take out an opponent using a teleported bomb. Requires Bomb-Up Pack II.

    Revenge is So Sweet (25 points)
    Bomb someone who bombed you in one round on Resurrection or from a cart. Requires Bomb-Up Pack III.