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Bloody Roar: Primal Fury Hints

  • GameCube | Submitted by Art


    To get every character and stage, start arcade, and quit, and repeat that 200 times. each 50 times u'll unlock a new character and level, though Kohruy doesnt come with a stage. To easily defeat arcade mode 16 times and get every cheat in the "cheat" mode, go to options, then game settings, and set the com strength to 1, and player strength to 8. Finish ONLY 6 arcades, and you should unlock the "no walls" cheat, enable it, and next time you play arcade, when the 'get ready' words appear, get ready to perform a move that will send your opponent flying far. The best character to use is Xion, with his dash+punch move. Once the enemy is behind the arena boundry, you'll win the match.

    Secret Areas (enable 'no walls' cheat, doesnt work in training)
    Stage 7 (the aquarium): when the words 'get ready' appear, get to the LEFT side of your opponent by pressing L/R buttons (assuming your at the left half of the screen), and prepare an attack that'll send your opponent flying into the big square hole. Your character will jump into the hole after your opponent, and you'll find your self in GIGANTIC red underwater aquarium.
    Stage 2 (the chinese house): when the match starts, you should see an open area little away in front of you screen. Try to get your opponent into that area with one of the big moves as i described earlier. Your character will jump after your opponent into that open area and you'll fight there, note: there are no walls there.
    That's all I found out so far!

  • GameCube | Submitted by zen

    Change Costumes

    On the character selection screen press the Y button to change the characters costume color.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Spike

    Uranus Move set

    The commands apply when your character is facing right.

    up+B: Teleport certain distance in the direction facing, with punch.

    down, up, A: Teleport above opponents head, where ever you are in the arena.

    Left, Right, B: Uranus admits a blast around her body.

    Left, Right, A: Uranus shoots lighting to the ground.

    From Right, to Down, B: Uranus performs an upper cut at the same time as admitting lighting.

    A x6: a quick kick combo followed up by a roundhouse.

    Down, Down, (to duck), A: She performs a drop-toe-hold, followed by a kick to the head.

    Up+A: Backflip with kick.

    When in beast mode after performing any move you will revert back to being Uranus again, unless you use the Beast Moves (X).

    When in Hyper beast mode:

    Left, Right B: Uranus admits rays of electricity from her body.

    Left, Right A: Uranus hits the ground making lighting come up.

    While in hyper beast mode you and also perfom Uranus' beast drive moves. You can also do this in beast form, however after doing so you will return to being human.

    i found the easiest way to do the beast drive, is make to complete rotations in the same direction with the analog stick, then push X (beast move key). You will know if it works because the screen will turn blue. To pull off the complete move you need to stand close to your opponent. Otherwise, only a portion of the move will be carried out!

Bloody Roar: Primal Fury Cheats

  • GameCube | Submitted by Caesar1022

    Hidden Area in the "Aquarium".

    In level 7, the "Aquarium", you'll notice on opposite sides of the "ring" there are pits. One side is filled in with water, and the other is completely empty(or is it). Knock your opponent on the side without water, and you'll automatically jump down there yourself. Then you and your opponent may resume the match in a new arena.

Bloody Roar: Primal Fury Unlockables

  • GameCube | Submitted by Jay Kumar

    Beat Game Cheats

    Beat the game the number of wins indicated in arcade mode to get the cheat
    1 win Ganesha the Elephant, Indian Palace & Movie Player Option
    2 wins Cronos the Phoenix, Evil Laboratory & Com Battle Option
    3 wins Get Cheat Menu + uranus
    4 wins Get Kid Mode Option
    5 wins Get Super Buff Option
    6 wins Get Eliminate All Walls Option
    7 wins Get Weaken All Walls Option
    8 wins Get Break Walls Option
    9 wins Get Low Speed Option
    10 wins High Speed Option
    11 wins No Blocking Mode Option
    12 wins Max Difficulty Option
    13 wins Knock Down Battle Mode Option
    14 wins Human Mode option
    15 wins Beast Mode option
    16 wins Kohryu the Iron Mole & Hyper Mode option

  • GameCube | Submitted by da'masta

    How to unlock Kohryu[Iron Mole]

    To get Kohryu Play up to level 5 and fight Kohryu. If you beat him you will unlock him[You cannot use a continue]. it can be on any difficulty

  • GameCube | Submitted by kingcobra_13

    Unlock Uranus The Chimera

    Complete survival mode. NOTE: You Only Have To Complete up to level 16. Once you have beaten that level you can be defeated.

  • GameCube | Submitted by master of da migits (amit)

    Characters and Cheats

    Beat the game in arcade mode with everyone to get these cheats, characters, and stages.


    Cronos the phoenix. He comes with the evil laboratory stage

    Ganesha the elephant. Comes with Indian Palace stage

    Kohryu the iron mole. He does not come with a level.

    Uranus the chimera. Comes with chaos laboratory.


    Kids mode:

    Big arms- makes your player look buff.

    Kids- makes players have small bodies and normal size heads (they look like kids).

    Big heads- makes player have a huge head.

    Change game speed:

    Low speed- slows down gameplay

    High speed- faster gameplay

    Change boundries:

    No Walls- there are no walls in the level

    Final Round- Only break walls in final round

    Weak walls- All walls weakened

    No blocking:

    On- Opponent can't block

    Max Difficulty:

    On- Opponent is at hardest fighting level

    One Form Only:

    Human Mode- You can't change into beast, you have to stay in human mode

    Beast Mode- You are only a beast, can't change to hyper beast or human.

    Hyper Beast Mode- You are only in hyper beast mode, can't change into human or normal beast.

    Knock Down Battle Mode:

    On- Knock not opponent in first attack.


  • GameCube | Submitted by Danny Lazare

    Unlock"the phoneix"

    Beat arcade mode twice with anybody

  • GameCube | Submitted by Danny Lazare

    Unlock "the elephant"

    Beat arcade mode once with anybody

  • GameCube | Submitted by Danny Lazare

    Unlock "kid mode"

    Beat arcade mode 3 wins with anybody

  • GameCube | Submitted by Jose

    How to get cronos

    Beat it with Gado on Arcade mode