Create parodies of your fave movies like Barbie and Dune 2 with director sim Blockbuster Inc

Blockbuster Inc is putting Hollywood in your hands this summer, as it lets you create parodies of your favorite films - or original masterpieces, of course - starting with the set and ending with the credits. 

As just announced in the Future Games Show Spring Showcase, Blockbuster Inc is launching on June 6, 2024 on PC via Steam. It seems like the perfect sim game for those of us with directorial aspirations or the suppressed actors among us. 

In it, you'll create your very own movie studio and you'll get to design every part of it, from the decorations and sets, to the working hours of your staff and the marketing campaigns. 

There's a lot of creativity to be had when it comes to the sets too, letting you create your perfect flick with hand-picked actors, costumes and set designs. Plus, once you've shot your movie, you'll have to get the sound design, SFX, and other elements just right too. 

I'm particularly excited by the talent scout element of this sim too, as no doubt it'll be a trial to find the right talent with the kind of traits and demands that you're happy to contend with. Hopefully, you can avoid employing an entire cast of tantrum-prone divas. 

Of course, the most successful Blockbuster Inc players among us will also be contending for the in-game awards ceremonies too, parading up red carpets to bask int eh glory of all your hard, creative endeavours. 

If you just can't wait until June 6, there is a free prologue for Blockbuster Inc that you can download right now on Steam for free

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Sam Loveridge
Global Editor-in-Chief, GamesRadar+

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