Blast Factor Cheats

Blast Factor Unlockables

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    Advanced Graduate Researcher (Bronze) - Complete AR Specimen 4
    Advanced Head Researcher (Silver) - Complete AR Specimen 7
    Advanced Junior Researcher (Bronze) - Complete AR Specimen 1
    Advanced Speed Master (Silver) - Finish Advanced Research in 2xAT mode
    Attention to Detail (Silver) - Complete all Cells in any mode
    Chain Gang (Bronze) - Destroy 5 Big Chains with one shot
    Chain-Tastic (Bronze) - Get x100 chain multiplier
    Death Wish (Bronze) - Complete a Boss Cell without using the Repulsor
    Death Wish Part II (Silver) - Complete a Survival Cell without using the Repulsor
    Death Wish Part III (Silver) - Complete a Boss Cell without destroying any enemies
    Doing the Dishes (Bronze) - Flip 10 Big Tip enemies with one tip
    Friends Forever (Silver) - Complete BF in Co-op (any mode)
    Graduate Researcher (Bronze) - Complete BF Specimen 4
    Head Researcher (Silver) - Complete BF Specimen 7
    Immortal (Silver) - Complete 3 consecutive Specimens without dying
    Jackpot (Bronze) - Complete a Specimen without dying
    Junior Researcher (Bronze) - Complete BF Specimen 1
    Life is Good (Bronze) - Get 10 lives
    Matador (Bronze) - Dodge 10 Repulsed Back AR's at the same time
    Mix It Up (Bronze) - Complete Hybrid mode
    Speed Master (Silver) - Finish Basic Research in 2xAT mode
    Survivor (Bronze) - Finish a Survival Cell without dying
    The Cleaner (Bronze) - Clear a Cell using the Super Repulsor
    Tough Guy (Silver) - Complete all hard Cells in any mode
    Ultimate Survivor (Silver) - Finish all Survival Cells without dying